Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story to tell.

We know so little about those around us. Juliet's passion is wandering, talking with people, and making portraits.

This site features some of the images and stories she has collected. Click through the portfolio, read the blog stories, and leave any comments you'd like to share. Make sure you check out the older posts too!

Juliet Wilson

Photographer, informal anthropologist, storyteller.

Raised on Prince Edward Island, Canada, Juliet graduated from Mount Allison’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program, majoring in Photography under the mentorship of Thaddeus Holownia. Following successful solo exhibitions in Canada, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she completed graduate study in Museum Studies at Deakin University, and has worked as a curator, exhibition coordinator, and project manager.

A Great Day Fer Livin’

After living away for 18 years, photographer Juliet Wilson went home for an extended stay. Prince Edward Island's allure hit her front on. Not just the vibration of the gently rolling landscape, but the beauty of the people who make up the rich fabric of the Island. She spent the summer driving the back roads of Prince Edward Island, talking to people.

The result is a book containing twenty-two portraits and interviews. A Great Day fer Livin' is available on Amazon Canada.

Latest Work


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