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Well, coming into a house of four bachelors, I’d say it’s probably a bit neater, a little cleaner, and it’s not so much boiled fish and potatoes but on the other hand, let me balance that out with how kind they have been to me, you know? I have enjoyed being here, caring for them. As long as they’re here and I’m here, I will take care of them.

It’s been eighteen years now. I lived in Ontario, and had been down here three times. I came down again in 1990, and wanted to go deep-sea fishing. So, that’s what I did, with the Court boys. I was separated, heading for a divorce, so I was also looking for a place to live on the Island. The boys said well, there’s a trailer out the back there, and I thought well, that’s not bad, I could live there until I get my feet on the ground and find out what I’m going to do.

It went from there, and eventually Vance and I became pretty close. As Vance says, he had the right hook and the right bit. My divorce was all taken care of, and by then I had also started helping at My Mother’s Country Inn. So I’d go out at four o’clock in the morning and fish with the boys, come in, get cleaned up, and go to work.

One day Vance kind of yelled at me in the middle of the kitchen, “Will you marry me?” I said, “Would you mind asking me again, when you’re a little more romantic about it?” Some time later Vance came in, with this lovely little box. Well, I opened it and there’s this diamond ring. It was close to my birthday, so I said, “Is this what I think it is, or is it a birthday present?” He says, “It’s what you think it is. I went into the jeweller, just like you would buy a box of Tide. Why make a fuss over it?”

I had a minister friend, and I thought, we’ll just do this very quietly. Our guests were sworn to secrecy, because the Courts being kind of famous, I knew there would be a lot of fuss. So all our friends lied to each other as to what they were doing that Saturday. As they came in the church, Vance pinned a corsage on the ladies and I put a boutonniere on the men. Then the minister and Vance and I stood at the back of the church, and Vance says quite loudly, “Well, let’s get this show on the road.”

So there we are. I got his three brothers along with him, and we all lived together very happily. Four bachelors. I enjoy being part of this family.

I kind of keep in the background because I don’t want to overstep. I‘ve tried to make things really good for the Courts, but as you can see I’ve kept much of their way of life around.

Alice Court 

Prince Edward Island, 2010


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