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I was settin’ at the table with my daughter and her friends. This guy come in dressed like a butler, and I thought oh my soul… He had a vest on and a jacket, and oh, he was… hair just so, and I thought, oh God, I don’t know.

My daughter and her friends had been going to the dances in North Rustico. She had come home one Saturday night and said, “Oh, you should see what’s down there, he’s gorgeous. Come down next Saturday night and we’ll arrange for yous to meet.” So, I went down.

Anyhow, after I went home that first night, he phoned me and said, “Can I meet you down there next Saturday night?” And I said, “Yeah, you can meet me.” I had me own car, so he didn’t get the chance to bring me home until we met two or three times. He even phoned and invited me back for a lobster meal. I said, “No, I don’t like lobsters.” I weren’t gonna get too much involved because I had been married before that, so I knew what I might get into. We went together for about three years before we decided to get married. Wanted to make sure. That was thirty-five years ago.

I like a horse, but I’m scared of em because my father always said, “Look out now, don’t go behind them, they kick! Don’t get in front, they might bite!” And so I was never around horses, even though my father always had a farm horse or two. I’ll go out and feed them if Fenton ain’t here, but I keep back a distance.

I don’t go to the races often, I’m really not interested in racing. I think it’s cruelty to animals, beating them around the track. And when they go out on the track you don’t know if they’re coming back. I’ve seen accidents where the horses was all cut to pieces, some was killed. There’s more worry watching a race than it is to stay home.

As a child I walked two miles each way to school alone. That was weird for a little one; at that time my brothers and sisters were all out on their own. I never went in the wintertime. There was no plows or anything in them days. After every storm, the horsemen had to hitch up the team of horses, or a single horse and a bunch would go with shovels. They would break the roads wherever there was the smallest amount of snow. Sometimes the horses would get down and cut themselves and everything. Oh, some horses nearly bled to death. In winter people got around with a horse and sleigh, that’s the only way, or by train. Although the train come right through our farm, I was over twenty before I was ever on a train.

I’m over eighty now, so I survived. I am the luckiest person. I got to admit, I am lucky.


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