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I don’t have any traditions and superstitions; I just work hard. I get up in the morning and go. I’ve been fishing thirty years, I started fishing because I loved the water. I was always around the water ever since the time I was a kid, always around fishing boats.

I grew up in Rustico, with four brothers and two sisters. I know most of the guys in the harbour, 90% of them I grew up with. Thirty years ago we were able to fish cod and mackerel, but in 1993 or 1994 there was the cod moratorium. There are only a couple of fishing industries left, and they are short seasons. It’s hard to go out to fish for nothing. Now lobster season’s finished and we have to tie up the boat and sit all summer. Some guys do deep sea fishing tours, but I don’t like hauling the tourists around.

I’ve always fished lobster, but I’m not a lobster eater. I love fresh fish but I’ve never been a lobster eater.

Barely Legal is my own boat, I’ve had it for seven years. They are trying to cut out smoking altogether, so I made a statement by painting pipes on my boat and calling her “Barely Legal”. I have three people on my boat. We have three hundred traps. You can catch between twenty and thirty-five thousand pounds per season; it depends how hard you work. Before her, I had a few old boats. Now, a new fibreglass boat is a quarter million by the time you get it fitted out with an engine and electronics.

My father’s father fished, and my father worked for the fisheries. After the war my father went to fishing. I used to fish with him, and got my licence through him. My wife’s father fished all his life too. There are only a certain number of licenses, and most are passed through families. If you don’t get one from your family, you have to buy it from someone else.

I love the solitude and quietness. There’s never too much hustle and bustle around the wharf. I will live here forever. What I don’t see, I won’t miss.

 Blythe Gauthier

Prince Edward Island 2010


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