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When my dad started out fishing, that’s the only way they had to do it was in dories, rowing.

In the spring, the heron would come in the harbours, and the harbour’d be full of heron, and they’d be putting out that net, taking the fish out of one side, the heron’d be going in the net the other side, so the fish going over the side, so’s the ocean was full of spilled fish.

When the white man came to the Island, the ocean was full of all kind, and they had dories to row out. My dad, well, he was in the business; he had to row out like this. It changed now since they got engines in the boat, they did away with the sailboats, and the boats got bigger, and wider, and higher. My dad was the first boat in Rustico Harbour put an engine in it. He was the first. Well he got an engine, and as soon as he put an engine in the boat, he took the sail right out. The other people when they got engines, they were scared that the engine wouldn’t work, and they left the sail in the boat fer a few days, then after that they quit the sailing. After awhile they put car engine in, and go faster, and now they got diesel engines, still go faster.             

One time my dad and my brother Quentin went out fishing, it was years ago. All the other boats were out of the water and theirs was the only boat went out of the harbour. They were out there fishing, fishing and they went to start the engine to go home, it was rough, getting rougher an rougher. Engine wouldn’t go. It was getting rougher and rougher, and anchors wouldn’t hold, and they had to take all the engine apart, bolts, nuts, everything off the engine.

Quentin only had one wrench and it was an old wrench, and every once in a while it kept breaking, and they took all the nuts and bolts off the engine, and they couldn’t get the head of the engine off.

They tried, they couldn’t get the head of the engine off, and after they found out there was one nut they didn’t find, and it was getting rougher and rougher, and darker. They put it together again, fixed up the engine, put all the bolts and nuts and everything all on and when they started the engine, the engine went. The engine finally started. Just got in at dark. The next morning there was a big storm, and nobody went out.

Alice says that’s why they have widow’s walks around the old homes, believe me, in those days there wasn’t two way radios.

Emerd Court

Prince Edward Island, 2010


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